Nothing can upset the balance of your day and ruin your focus and concentration quite like an unexpected toothache. You may not even realize just how much focus and attention your tooth pain is taking from you in your day until you finally get your tooth fixed and relieve the nagging, annoying pain that comes and goes. There are plenty of potential causes for your tooth pain, but luckily all of them are fixable. Here are three common reasons why your tooth might be in pain and what you can do to have it fixed.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In

The first all too common reason for younger people to experience tooth pain is because their wisdom teeth are coming in. Your wisdom teeth are the very final set of adult teeth to emerge in the very back of your mouth. Most people do not have room for these teeth, so when they surface, they cause pain, discomfort, and more pain. The only solution to this problem is to have your wisdom teeth surgically removed which will relieve your pain. You can also have your wisdom teeth removed long before they surface, which can save you a lot of pain.

You Have a Cavity

At any age, you should consider if your tooth pain might be a cavity. Cavities are the most common type of dental health issue, and they are caused by poor cleaning leading to holes in your teeth which can expose the nerves, causing pain. Luckily, cavities are easy to fix, your dentist will simply fill the cavity. Cavities should be filled with a durable material such as metal. Make sure to discuss with your dentist what kind of filling you are receiving, and what your options are for the longest lasting, most durable solution.

You Have a Tooth Infection

The final reason why your tooth might be in pain is if you are suffering from a tooth infection. A tooth infection is the result of cavities left untreated. Eventually, the cavity will continue to grow, allowing bacteria to fester in your teeth and cause an infection. These tooth infections are typically fixed by removing the affected teeth and replacing them with implants. The best way to prevent tooth infection is to brush and floss regularly and have your cavities treated before they develop into tooth infection.

Your dental health is important, which is why you should never ignore tooth pain. There are many different reasons you may have tooth pain, but all of them require dental professionals care. If you are dealing with any of these three issues, talk to your dentist immediately to get your tooth pain cleared up.

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