black owned business owner lakisha mosley

Hey y’all hey!!!

I’m LaKisha.

Retired retail manager turned event strategist, brand influencer and mental wellness thought leader.

black owned business owner lakisha mosley
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Hi! I’m LaKisha

I’m an event planner, a blogger, brand influencer and speaker. In the middle of the pandemic, I decided to retire from my grocery retail management position and become a full time entrepreneur and mom to my two adult children. Now I spend my time making it my business to carry out the things that have been placed in my heart…. Literally. 

Long story short, everything about me and what I do is heart-centered. I believe in the power of faith and family and I believe all that is mine I already have or is on it’s way to me. My passion is around creating memorable experiences which I usually do through planning both intimate and large scale events and platforms that address mental wellness.

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