Most people go through life without thinking about the possibility of becoming disabled. Given how many twists and turns life can take and how many of those can change your ability status, that could be a mistake. 

Disabilities can prevent you from earning a living, which is where filing a disability insurance claim comes in. Do you know when to file one?

After Getting Injured

One of the most obvious times to file a disability insurance claim is after getting injured. You might get injured in a car accident, at work, or even just while you’re out and about. 

If you’ve been injured badly enough that you can’t work for a prolonged period, then filing a disability insurance claim makes sense. Injuries like traumatic brain injuries, hearing or vision loss, back injuries, severe burns, fractured bones, or joint injuries may all qualify you for disability insurance payments.

After a Chronic Illness Diagnosis

The vast majority of disability claims happen due to illness. Chronic illnesses are conditions that last at least a year and either limit activities of daily living or require ongoing medical treatment. 

If you are diagnosed with heart disease, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, or cancer (at least Stage III), you have a fair chance of getting approved. These are some of the most commonly approved disabilities. There’s little question that having them impedes your ability to work.

After a Mental Illness Diagnosis

The stigma surrounding mental illness is lifting. This makes it easier to recognize the debilitating effect of mental illness on those with it. While some people can function and maintain employment with mental illness, other people aren’t able to work because of them due to the severity of the symptoms they deal with. People who suffer from severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, autism, depression, and other mood disorders are more likely to have their claims fast-tracked. You’ll have to provide medical evidence that your mental illness makes you unable to work. You must also prove that you aren’t able to engage in substantial gainful activity for at least 12 months.

Anyone can become disabled, no matter how healthy or able they are. Disability insurance offers a chance to protect yourself from the financial impact of being unable to work because of injury, chronic illness, or mental illness. It’s not something most people think about on any given day, but you’ll be grateful to have your claim approved if you need it.

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