For a time, you may be able to run your business all by yourself. At some point, however, you’ll need to get some help if you really want to grow and expand. That means hiring employees. There’s more to hiring employees than just having an interview and telling someone they’re hired though. There are a few things you’ll need to figure out first.

The Hiring Process

While there are some generalities that are pretty consistent across the board in regards to the hiring process, there are still some specifics you’ll need to work out. For example, you need to know where you’ll post your job listings and what questions you should ask in your interviews (as well as the questions you shouldn’t ask). It’s a lot better to do that before you start hiring people. Things tend to go a lot more smoothly when you have a plan that you can follow. That way you won’t be wondering what it is you’re supposed to do next.

Set Up Onboarding Procedures

Once you’ve hired someone, it’s time to start the onboarding process. Again, in order for that to go smoothly, you need to have it figured out first. Payroll and benefits is the first thing that needs to be prepared on an employee’s start day. You’ll also need to have sorted out the tax paperwork too. A lot of companies today choose to use software that allows these forms to be filled out online. That can make the filing process faster and save you money, since you won’t have to mail in physical copies.

What Benefits You’ll Offer

Of course, you’ll need to decide how you intend to compensate your employees before you hire them too. There’s the matter of a salary or hourly rate, but you’ll have a hard time attracting the best employees if that’s all you offer. It’s pretty much expected today that employers will offer a benefits package. PTO, vacation, sick leave, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and retirement benefits are just a few of the options you can offer to encourage people to want to work for you.

It’s always better to know what goes into making different aspects of your business work before you get started than to just jump in with both feet. Such is the case with hiring any employees. Make sure you have your hiring process, onboarding procedures, and benefits sorted out first. That way you’ll be better prepared, saving you stress and helping you look better in the eyes of your new employees.

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