Get Me Paid is the ultimate influencer bootcamp for bloggers, speakers, and entrepreneurs at any level of the game who are ready to get paid! I’m super excited to be presenting a mastermind group on event planning. However, I wanted to sit down with the genius before this wonderful event and get some details to share with you all. If you are serious about making money and I mean really serious about turning inquiries into cash, then this event is for you! Check out our convo!


LM: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started blogging.
VF: I’m a former educator. I taught ESL for 11 years. I retired from teaching in April 2018. It was a bittersweet moment as I loved what I did but it was time for me to move on. In March 2009 I started a short-lived blog. It lasted for 2 months due to grad school starting and I needed to focus on that. Throughout the years I managed to teach and blog. I’m now on my third blog and still absolutely love blogging.

I fell into blogging a second time after leaving the public school district. I couldn’t find another job and a friend suggested I start blogging again to give me something to do in the meantime. So I went to the public library and asked for every book on blogging. It wasn’t many at that time. I knew things has changed since 2009. September 2011 is when I came back to blogging. My focus was to get paid as a blogger. Within 6 weeks I received my first paid opportunity and haven’t looked back since.
When I’m not blogging, I like to cheer on my Dallas Mavericks, eat chocolate, binge watch Netflix, take naps and read. Other than blogging & laying the foundation of my new business, FreshCo Community, I like to do things that allow me to have fun, eat good and not exert too much energy.

LM: What is the one thing bloggers don’t do when they start?
VF: Be realistic. Be patient some things take longer than expected. Be committed to being consistent.

LM: The new thing is to be an influencer but it’s been around for a while. Tell us what an influencer is.
VF: According to Taylor Lorenz, a writer with The Atlantic, she states an influencer is, “one who exerts influence:  a person who inspires or guides the actions of others.” I just say an influencer is someone who can get people to do what they suggest.

LM: Tell us about the Get Me Paid Conference.
VF: Get Me Paid teaches those who are unsure of how to monetize their influence. Whether it’s an author, speaker, blogger, entrepreneur. They know they have a message that people respond to. They get asked questions all the time. People hop into their inbox and try to pick their brains for free. Or they get roped into giving all their info away and get nothing in return. They just haven’t been able to create ways they get paid. They lack the steps to getting paid for their expertise.
Get Me Paid is the opportunity to sit down and create an actionable plan to put you on the path to make money. This is the ultimate pick my brain. Be in the room so you can stop pretending things are working out financially and actually have things work out financially for their business.

LM: What sparked the idea to do a blogging and influencer conference?
VF: I created this event due to seeing many people struggling trying to find their footing in this industry, getting burnt out or asking me a ton of questions without seeking an actual consultation. It was a way to allow people to pick my brain and the brain’s off others.

LM: What is it that you want the guests to walk away with?
VF: A simple plan to make money. To feel confident that you can do it. To take away the frustration, stress, worry, anxiety associated with creating a money path that’s just for you.

LM: How can we get connected with you?
VF: You can always find me on social media under my name Vernetta R. Freeney.
Blog: Vernetta R Freeney
Podcast:  A Toast to Truths

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