Using private label rights to help your customer consume your products is a great way to create an experience for your audience that not only turns them into repeat buyers but also helps them become brand advocates or super fans that will promote your products and services for you. Teaching your customers how to get the most from their purchases will reduce your refund rate and create more trust.


Depending on the type of products you offer your audience, you may want to create a tutorial giving them instructions on how to put the information or product to best use. You may also just need to provide motivational content to them to help them want to do whatever it is. The motivational content doesn’t even have to be directly about your product but rather about getting things done.

Customer Polls and Surveys

Set up a poll or survey. Look for PLR that is designed to get to know your customer or help your customer get to know you. Then you’ll just fill in the blanks or update the content to fit your needs for the information you want to get from your audience.

How-To Guides

Create a simple how-to guide that leads your customer through the steps of consuming and using the information you’ve given them. For example, if you are a Virtual Assistant, you will want them to know how to contact you, how to assign work, and so forth. If you use Basecamp or another project manager, you may want to find PLR that teaches people how to use that software.

Hacks and Tips

Compiling hacks and tips for your audience can be as simple as finding a list of tips that you can then cut and paste into your email marketing software or even into instant messages that prompt them to get done whatever is that they’ve signed up to do.

Stats and Facts

Finding PLR with facts and stats that you can use to train and teach your customers is a great way to showcase your expertise but also to deliver regular motivational content to your audience to get them to act based on facts.

Q & A or FAQ

You can also use PLR to design an FAQ or to design a question and answer page on your website. This page can help your audience learn how to use your products and services in the best way possible. You can find all sorts of PLR for almost any topic with already written answers for niche questions.


Take any data from your content and turn it into an infographic. Also, an infographic can even become a step-by-step instruction in pictorial form that can be distributed once your audience makes a purchase to help them consume your product.

Get the Most Content

The other type of informational content you want to send to your customers is “how to get the most” from your product, service, or program. This type of content should provide immediate steps to take to get the result you’ve promised.

When you know what you’re going to use the content for, it’s easier to find PLR content that you can use for that purpose. Make a list of the types of information you want to provide to your customers, then shop for the content that you’ll edit and design to fit the needs of your customers and you.