There’s something intrinsically rewarding about building an empire from scratch, watching it flourish and dominate markets. Business simulation games offer just that – a chance to immerse oneself in the world of entrepreneurship, sans the risks. But, did you know that playing business sim games could also be a great investment in your mental well-being?

I recently found this site called Money Games that has some amazing business simulation games that mainly focus on money and finances, two of my favorite things. These games were so much fun and totally free. I found myself spending hours just playing and growing my simulated empires. Two of my favorite games were Idle Hypermarket Empire and Flower Shop.

Idle Hypermarket Empire is a grocery store game. In this game, you hire workers to stock the store, hire managers that oversee the workflow of the store and earn cash from sales. This game allows you to train and upgrade your regular workers and managers. You can also add staff. The cash you earn allows you to grow the store thus unlocking more floors. After growing your business, you can sell and restart.

Flower Shop is a fun game but you have to be quick or your customers will get mad. You give your customers a list of options, they pick what they want and you quickly grab it to keep them happy. Now you have to reorder quickly or you want have enough flowers for the new customers coming in.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favs, let’s talk about the benefits that these games offer.

Stress Relief: Stress is an unwelcome byproduct of modern living, and finding an escape can be challenging. Diving into business sim games offers an immersive experience that commands attention and shifts focus from real-world problems.

Cognitive Enhancement: These games are not just about fun; they are mental workouts. Regularly engaging in such activities can keep the brain sharp, much like solving puzzles or engaging in intellectual conversations.

Creativity and Innovation: As you strategize to overcome challenges, creativity and innovation become invaluable assets.

Emotional Resilience: In business sim games, failure is a common occurrence. However, the virtual environment provides a safe space for players to experience failure without real-world consequences. Learning to cope with setbacks and developing strategies to overcome them builds emotional resilience, a skill highly valuable in daily life.

Business simulation games are not just about entertainment; they are treasure troves of life skills, cognitive workouts, and mental health benefits. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or someone looking for an engaging pastime, delving into the world of business sims might just be the best investment you can make in your happiness. Definitely check out Money Games today and free your mind.