Meet Tiffany, CEO of BirthWrite Consulting Group who is also a writer who has helped many with their writing needs. Tiffany has degrees from both Howard & Harvard University. Her writing has been featured in multi-million dollar companies and in grants that have resulted in multi-million dollar funding. Tiffany uses her gift of writing to help others use their voice without losing it.
Tiffany is an educator turned entrepreneur who had a successful career in education working with NYC public schools and decided she wanted to work for herself. She is the Founder of The Educator’s Promise, a nonprofit organization focused on education equity. A woman of many ideas, Tiffany says her first passion is in writing.
She is the author of two best-selling books, “Jewels From a Black Diamond” and “No Saving Me for Later.” She has been featured in many publications and on the Special Report with award-winning civil rights attorney and CNN Analyst, Areva Martin. Tiffany’s work is meant to inspire, heal and motivate people to live life with purpose.

How does it feel to be a black woman during this time?
Being a black woman feels like a high honor all the time. We are full of beauty, grace, glamour, compassion, strength, intellect, and love. It’s literally like being made of love and dipped in gold

What does Women History Month mean to you?
Women’s History Month is a time to actually reflect on what we already know and it’s super important. We know how the value and importance of a woman and the women in our lives but how often do we take the time to soak that in?

What prompted you to start your business or brand?
I started BirthWrite from the ground up as a recommitment to who I am and who God made me to be. I was and still am committed to receiving, producing, and exuding the very best.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Understanding my value and that knowledge helped me to have an amazingly successful year of business.

What advice would you give a new woman entrepreneur?
Get clear on who you are. What you do might change, your products might switch up, your services might expand but who you are is going to show up in everything!

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