Takesha Pratt is a Certified Travel Consultant who loves to travel and if she’s not traveling for work she is traveling around the world for fun. Takesha decided to create Trip Spice, a full-service travel agency that’s designed to create experiences for her clients that will last a lifetime. Through personal travel experience, extensive research, and training, Takesha seeks to help her clients design their perfect vacation without the hassle of spending countless hours in front of a computer screen.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
I am a wife, and a mother of two and travel is apart of my family’s lifestyle! I specialize in group travel, family reunions, honeymoons, cruises, destination trips, and domestic and international travel. Whatever your needs are Trip Spice is here to begin planning your next spicy vacation.

Why travel?
Studies show that traveling can improve your health, Travelling allows people to meet new people and gain exposure to new cultures. I believe traveling allows you to take a break from those things you can no longer take anymore, whether its work, school, people, etc. Traveling allows you to escape.

Discuss a challenge you’ve encountered as an entrepreneur and how you overcame it.
There are many challenges that I have faced being an entrepreneur and the one that has been the most difficult is being available for my clients and balancing my family. My family took a backseat oftentimes when I first became an entrepreneur and I had to figure out how to be available for my clients and family. I developed strict business hours and unless my clients were actively traveling I had to abide by my business hours. I had a problem dropping everything to address my clients’ needs because I was afraid of losing a client. I have now realized that what’s for me is for me and if I lose a client for not breaking my business hours or for taking care of my family first, then that client was obviously not for me.

What’s next for you and your business?
Next for my business would be to start selling travel essentials on my website,  train more agents to be successful in their travel business and booking more corporate clients. I would love to be the agent of choice for some of the big-name companies!

How can the readers connect with you?
I am @tripspicer on IG, Facebook Takesha Pratt,  and my website www.tripspicer.com.