When you begin to implement a self-care routine, you may find that you run into some resistance. As with any new habit, chances are good that you’ll have some trouble adjusting and getting used to things. Time and practice will help you overcome any personal resistance. However, you’re not the only person you may be up against once you start prioritizing your own needs. Unfortunately, friends and family may have a problem with your new focus. Read on to learn why this occurs and how to set boundaries that protect your me-time.

Why The Resistance?
Claiming time for yourself can be scary to the people who are closest to you. Even though they may want what’s best for you, they may fear that prioritizing yourself will take you away from them in some way. Perhaps they’re afraid they’ll lose time with you or that you’ll move on without them. Unfortunately, there may be those who don’t have your best interests at heart. These folks see you claiming time for yourself as limiting them in some way, and they don’t like it.

Tell Your Story
In order to overcome resistance in well-meaning individuals, there are some steps you can take. Tell them why this time for self-care is important to you. Let them know what you hope to gain from putting your own needs first. Often when people understand that doing things for themselves isn’t about taking anything away from them, they will be more ready to support you.

Ask for Understanding
Once you’ve let those close to you know why it is you’re pursuing acts of self-care, you may choose to go a step further and ask them to understand what it is you need from them. After all, they’ll be better able to support you if they know what that kind of support looks like. Perhaps you may wish to let your family know that you’ll need an hour of alone time when you come home from work in order to unwind. Maybe this will involve telling your significant other that you’d appreciate some extra help with the kids so you can attend to your currently neglected needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

Stand Firm
Finally, you may need to stand firm in your boundaries. This is especially true with regard to those who might be more concerned with their own needs over yours. If you’ve explained yourself and someone still wants to be upset about your boundaries, you don’t owe them anything further. Part of setting aside time for yourself is prioritizing your own needs. This process may require you to be ruthless when others object. You have the right to claim your time.

Now that you understand the type of resistance you may encounter on your quest for self-care, you’re more prepared to counter any objections. Use the steps above to guide you and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you need.