Are you a people pleaser? This is the type of person who always wants the folks around them to feel comfortable, even when it’s at the expense of their own comfort. One of the most common habits of people pleasers is saying yes to every request. If you prioritize the needs and interests of others, telling someone no is probably rather uncomfortable for you. In order to minimize or avoid that discomfort, you may find yourself agreeing to more activities than you’d like. This habit can lead you to feel tired and resentful over time. Learning to say no actually is an act of self-care. Learning how to do it can change your life in some wonderful ways. Take a look at some of the benefits of learning to say no.

Claim Your Value
When you tell others no, it demonstrates you value your own time and interests. You’ll show them that your needs matter. It’s okay to let people know that you’re not willing to give up your time and energy every time you ask.

Gain Respect
People will respect you more when they know they can’t walk all over you. It’s true. You may think they won’t like you as much if you’re not willing to do everything they ask. For some, that may be true. However, you’ll soon find that you like yourself more for standing your ground and knowing your worth. People will respect you and your time more when you stick to your boundaries.

Be More Confident
When you begin to recognize your value in your ability to decline offers that don’t interest you, it’s true you’ll gain the respect of those around you. You’ll also take charge of your time and put your needs first. These things all combine toward helping you to feel more confident in yourself. Knowing your worth shows you that you matter just as much as anyone else. In addition, you’ll be more confident to continue putting yourself first and taking time for your own self-care in the future.

Have More Time
Saying no to things you don’t want to do gives you more time to focus on the things that you do wish to do. Your time will be your own, and you can use it however you wish rather than being stuck with obligations you never desired in the first place. Imagine how much more fun and productivity you’ll enjoy simply by saying no more often.
Now that you understand the benefits of saying no, you can begin to put them into practice in your own life. Begin with small things and practice working your way up to more meaningful ones. Putting your own wishes first and prioritizing your time will come easier the more you do it, and you’ll soon see how liberating it can be. Saying no is an important form of self-care.