Sasha Mercedes was born on April 20, 1987, in Montgomery, Alabama. She is a single mother of two sons, a licensed professional counselor, author, radio host, professor, and inspirational speaker that is also the founder of a nonprofit organization called Sister’s 2nd Chance. Right now, she is finishing the coursework to achieve her Doctorate Degree in Philosophy of Psychology with a focus on General Psychology. She is a National Certified Counselor and her mission is to inspire and motivate as many individuals as possible.
Sasha Mercedes is the radio host of a talk show called Klymax Sessions with Sasha under that platform of Power 108.9 in Atlanta. This radio show focuses on mental health concerns, relationship aspects, and providing motivational content. The sole priority is to motivate and inspire every individual that tunes into our show.
Sasha Mercedes is the Chief Executive Owner of Sasha Mercedes, LLC, under this platform she attends interviews, attends speaking engagements, and has been featured in several magazines such as VoyageATL, Afroelle Magazine, ACHI Magazine, and Sheen Magazine. She also is the Chief Executive Owner of Inside and Out Consulting, LLC, and in this private practice, she provides mental health treatment as a counselor that focuses on trauma, relationships, and the LGBT community.
Sasha Mercedes serves as the President and Founder of Sister’s 2nd Chance where the mission is to aspire and accommodate women and children who need someone to confide in through difficult phases. Their mission is to go above and beyond the reach and extend that sister’s touch for women who may be encountering abusive relationships, spousal misconduct, verbal, and psychological mistreatment, and those who are generally just having a rough time with life. With this program, she focuses on fortifying a strong sisterhood that promotes comradeship and confidentiality because we believe everyone deserves a second chance.

LM: Tell me a little about you.
SJ: I am a single mom of two sons, a licensed professional counselor, radio host, author, professor, and inspirational speaker.

LM: What was the inspiration for the story?
SJ: My inspiration is my sons because despite being a single mother, they have motivated me to be the best person that I can possibly be. Also, just seeing myself overcome so many battles and still accomplishing my goals.

LM: Why did you choose this title?
SJ: I chose the title, “It’s a Losing Battle, but I Won” because I felt like I was losing in life with my mental health, love, and abuse so at the end of it all I have won and will continue to fight through.

LM: What did you learn while writing the book?
SJ: I learned that it is therapeutic and hard to write about your pain.

LM: What’s your favorite part or chapter of the book? Why?
SJ: My favorite chapter is when I talked about exploring myself by doing things that were considered wild, but those are the things that taught me about myself. This would be chapter 4.

LM: What were some challenges you experienced while writing this book?
SJ: Depression, Lack of Motivation, Writer’s block

LM: What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book?
SJ: Honestly, I discovered that I enjoy writing.

LM: What do you like to do when you are not writing?
SJ: I like to sing, speak, dance, and go on nature walks.

LM: What advice would you tell someone who aspires to write or be an author?
SJ: I would tell them to find their purpose in life and be passionate about what they need to share with the world.

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Book Summary: It’s a Losing Battle but I Won
In this book, the author, Sasha Johnson, explores some of the challenges and experiences that she dealt with in her life. She shares her experiences with being molested, abused, and mental health challenges. She also provides you with how she was able to get through the obstacles that she faced. Although, this book covers critical details in her life. She also gages you to journal about your story as a way of encouraging people to write about their stories. She also provides you with tips, affirmations, and self-guided materials in this book. Her reason for writing this book in this form is because she believes that another person’s story can prompt or inspire others in their lives. She provides you with areas to jot down and challenge yourself.
She shares deep information and details about her marriage and how she was forced to get out of the situation. She talks about her experience with suicidal ideations and depression. She also talks about her childhood and how it changed her life. The stories are this book was shared in hopes of encouraging someone to keep pushing. She hopes that people are open and willing to connect with their inner self so that they can continue to win the battles in their life.

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