I had such a fun time interviewing with Ryan Narus. He is super cool and an amazing person to know. We chatted like old friends about life, business and just how to make things happen. Let me share a little about Ryan….

Ryan is a millennial entrepreneur that was just sick of the lie he was told growing up. He was told just as most of were told: “Study hard, go to a good university, a good job will be waiting for you when you graduate, then work hard at a great job, and retire”. Ya’ll know that wasn’t true!

Ryan graduated from Wake Forest University in 2009 with a degree in Psychology and Statistics, but couldn’t find a sales job. So he settled for selling cars. In his career as a car salesman, he sold over 800 cars in 4 years! He learned some invaluable lessons, culminating him into writing a book. He returned to Wake Forest to attain his MBA, which funneled him into a “leadership development program” at a big bank. It turns out, that job also was unfulfilling and made him feel stuck. So, guess what he did? He quit!

Ryan had no money, no experience, and no network. Flash forward 4 years to now being a part of 10 mobile home park acquisitions spanning ~1,245 pads. Ryan made his side hustle his full-time job. He has several employees, has the freedom to work his own hours, and actually make more working for himself than he ever did in corporate America.

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