Micaela “Cae” Thomas is a true genuine woman, mother, author, and life coach. Always able to connect with others in need with emotion and her own relatable experiences to help others discover their healing and sort out what’s next in life. Through STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE she is able to lead by example and show that she’s done the “hard stuff” to get to where she is now. To show that our past or even current experiences are NOT our final destination or have rights to our futures. She has put on display her own vulnerabilities, in as raw a form, as possible. However, her journey and her mission are far from over.

Book Summary: Stripped to My Truth: Unpacking the Emotional Baggage
Micaela “Cae” Thomas has experienced the traumas and various peaks in highs and lows that have caused her life to unravel. However, it has been her greatest passion to bring, not only her struggles but her victories to light, in hopes of showing others that they can find their own illiuminessence in a world filled with shadows and darkness. She has done this in hopes of not only acquiring her own healing but also instilling valuable lessons and key components to assist others in getting out of their own way.

LM: Tell me a little about you.
MT: I am a mother of a beautiful large, blended family. I wear many hats, but one of the most prominent ones has been my writing and being able to express myself through poetry, short stories, and my most recent memoir. I love life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. As an empath, it’s been made my life’s mission to do, be, and reflect the change I wish to see in the world.

LM: What was the inspiration for the story?
MT: The inspiration for my story was to help others graduate to a place of peace from experiencing various bouts of traumatic heartache during their lives. In this generation, most of us lack the ability or are unclear of how to invoke forgiveness, whether for self or toward others. Because of this, it’s caused us to the harbor and re-creates generational bondage. Being able to break this for myself and helping others to do the same has been the largest inspiration of all.

LM: Why did you choose this title?
MT: We layer ourselves with the expectations of the world. We layer ourselves with lies, with false ideologies, and with pretentious appearances that cause so much baggage. It was only fitting to call this book, how we tend to live when we’re in our toxic states of mind.

LM: What did you learn while writing the book?
MT: What I learned while writing this book is that I have been able to do and face things that I never thought I could conquer. I also learned that in sharing my story, I have influenced and inspired more people than I could have ever imagined. It’s a really great feeling to know I have been able to help those who were clueless about where to go in their life.

LM: What’s your favorite part or chapter of the book? Why?
MT: My favorite part of the book is being able to express my gratitude for the father figures in my life. I spent so much time trying to figure out who I am and navigate my healing that I never really paid homage to the men that played such a huge part in my upbringing.

LM: What were some challenges you experienced while writing this book?
MT: Some challenges I faced while writing this book were having to go back and face some of the previous demons that I had already encountered. It was like going through war all over again and having to re-create or come up with new tactical moves to defeat them for good. It’s never easy reliving some of the moments in life that were meant to break you, but understanding that they were actually meant for rebuilding, has surely assisted in getting through them again.

LM: What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book?
MT: The most surprising thing I discovered while writing my book is that I have actually conquered another level of growth! My confidence has surpassed my own expectations and the discipline I have for myself and working as an author has definitely increased. The grind is surely making me grind harder lol

LM: What do you like to do when you are not writing?
MT: I love to read when I’m not writing. I love reading the work of other authors. I also love spending time with my large family, shopping (of course lol), creating multiple streams of income, and watching movies. I’m a huge movie buff. I also love trying new things, new foods, and meeting new people.

LM: What advice would you tell someone who aspires to write or be an author?
MT: I would tell them to just do it. Just write. Even if it’s a sentence or a few words a day, to start out, just do it. Don’t overthink the process otherwise, you’ll begin to doubt your capabilities. Choose your topic, do your research, and start writing.

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