Life can sometimes be hard and for some of us, it can lead to tragedy. LaTricia didn’t always have it easy but her determination and faith in God prove that all things are possible.

LM: Tell me about yourself.
LW: I am LaTricia Wilson. I am 40 years old. I’m a single mother of 4. I have a granddaughter. I was born in Pineville, La but was raised in Cloutierville, LA, a small country town. I am a people person. I am loving, fun, love to smile always smiling.

LM: That’s awesome! You’ve shared your story with me. But I want you to share a little of it with the readers.
How hard was it to be a mom at 15? Did you have any support?
LW: It was very hard. I was a baby myself. I had my mother and sister to help but my teenage life was over. I had to become an adult fast.


LM: Did you have any other family to help you besides your mom?
LW: My Aunt Mary Price and Barbara Austin

LM: How awful to be abused daily by an older man? How did you get away from him?
LW: I was abused all my life. I also was married to an older man; 20 years older than I was who abused me every day mentally, physically, and sexually. I endure pure hell every day! I never smiled. I always walk with my head down; never looking up because I had no self-esteem. He took everything from me, even telling me on a daily basis I am worthless and nobody loves me. I heard it so much from him and I believed him. Feeling empty…
I got away when I started studying the Bible with the Jehovah Witness, finding strength and clinging to God. I was in Texas with him and the abuse continued. I made my mind up that I couldn’t live like that and this is not healthy for my children.

LM: That has to be scary to be held hostage with a gun!!! What was going through your mind?
LW: My first husband took my oldest daughter and I hostage because I wanted to leave him.  I saw my life ended before me! I begged him to please not kill me and leave my son in this world alone. Please don’t have my mother bury me, her child. I started praying asking God to please help me; to help us.

LM: After he committed suicide, what did you do?
LW: I was mentally gone!

LM: Oh Lord!!! I can only imagine. Were the drugs to numb the pain or guilt of what happened to you? How long were you on drugs?
LW: I remember he was using pain pills. So feeling empty and confused, I took the pain pills to kill myself but the pain pills made me feel numb. So I started taking a half, then a whole, then it became an everyday problem.

LM: During the time you were in the streets, you had other kids? How many? Where they with you during this time?
LW: All 4 of them were with their father. I was in the household but didn’t have custody.

LM: What happened for your kids to be taken away?
LW: They were taken away because I had an opioid addiction and a family member called CPS on me. I failed the drug test and was positive for opioids.
They were taken out of my custody and custody was given to their father. I was still in the home but lost custody, not my rights.

LM: What made you get clean?
LW: I was a God-fearing country girl raised in the country. The life I was living wasn’t me because I wasn’t raised that way. I saw the hurt and pain I was giving to my children. I couldn’t bear to see them hurt. My faith in God and wanting to raise my children and better their living conditions were a factor. Seeing they were suffering and if I don’t help them and take them out this poor environment who will? Because I am a momma and if I don’t get better,  they will never see better. I was a mother and always had a phenomenal living. And seeing the living conditions I had them in was hurtful to me.

LM: You become ill. What happened?
LW: My heart went out of rhythm

LM: Oh my! Heart surgery? How old were you?
LW: 36 of age. I had heart surgery in Oct 2016.

LM: During this time, did you have any support?
LW: Yes I had phenomenal support!

LM: That’s great!!! I’m so happy to hear that. Let’s fast forward. You get clean and sober, you get your babies back and you have heart surgery. You’re now in a good space and you become an entrepreneur. What made you start your own business?
LW: Being a single mother, I wanted more for my children and I wanted my own money. I want to leave something behind for my children besides clothes and money. I want my children to see you can do anything you want if you work hard to get it.

LM: How long have you been in business?
LW: I have had my business 2 years now.

LM: Tell the readers exactly what your company does.
LW: My company name is Cleaning from the Heart. I provide cleaning service for residential & commercial property

LM: Now you’re back on track. Life is good. Tell us what do you do for fun.
LW: I love to take pictures & hang out with my children/ granddaughter.

LM: I’m a huge advocate for self-care. What do you do to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually?
LW: Mentally, I study and read my Bible and I travel.
Physically, I walk & eat healthy.
Spiritually, I attend bible school & Sunday service.

LM: How old are your kids? What do y’all do for fun?
LW: My children ages are 23, 18, 14, and 12.
We take trips, we go to school games, we spend time together at home laughing, sharing memories, and hanging out in pajamas watching movies.

LM: That’s so awesome. I love hearing that. God has truly restored you! What’s next for you?
LW: Graduating from college, becoming a social worker, expand my business and get married.

LM: We wish that for you too!