Job Alternatives for Unemployed People During Covid-19

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, most companies around the world have found themselves in a difficult situation. The isolation made some companies vulnerable because their employees were not able to do their duties. However, tech professionals played an essential role during these tough times.

Companies have started to hire more tech employees to help them move forward. As a result, most of them began to work from home to help companies accomplish their goals. But as the Covid-19 situation is not solved, working from home has become the new normal.

Because of isolation, many people lost their jobs and were unprotected against bills. Paying the rent and buying essential things like food made people feel stressed because they didn’t have enough money to pay. As a result of unemployment, they started to try new things to have income and be able to survive.

Given these points, in this article, we will discuss some alternatives you can take to fight unemployment. These job alternatives will help you move forward and have access to better job opportunities.

Web Developer

Web developers create the websites that allow companies to have a digital presence. During the coronavirus pandemic, web developers played a key role as they enabled companies to sell their products and services.

In the same way, websites allow organizations to attract more customers as well as reach a bigger audience. For that reason, web developers like WordPress Developers have helped companies to move forward during these hard times.

Web developers are in demand. Given that, organizations have started to make more attractive job offers to hire and retain skilled tech talent. Learning web development skills will help you to fight unemployment because you will have more job opportunities and you will be able to work from home.

Learning how to build websites can be as easy as enrolling in Kenzie Academy’s coding bootcamp. The company offers a User Experience course where you learn front-end development skills. You’ll learn the basics and start your new tech career. Aspirants can develop proficiency in user experience design by learning the basics in visual design, project management, and copywriting.

After graduation, you will have entry-level UX design skills that will help you land your first tech job. Also, during the program, you will be able to create an exceptional portfolio of individual and team projects. As a result, you’ll have a useful tool that will allow you to convince employers to hire you.

UX/UI Designer

Nowadays, more customers are using digital platforms to buy products and build services. Their requirements are higher as they care more about how a product makes them feel. In the same way, a visually appealing user interface captures customers’ attention. However, they will show disinterest if they have a terrible user experience.

UX/UI Designers are being hired to provide customers a unique experience that will stay in their minds forever. They are responsible for designing the graphic user interface of applications and websites. With this in mind, they are now essential for companies as they help organizations meet customers’ requirements.

These professionals often work in collaboration with web developers, product managers and engineers. So, if you believe you can work in team projects, becoming a UX/UI designer is an excellent alternative.

Springboard is a company that offers an online UI/UX design course that allows you to learn the basics. Students have the opportunity to build a portfolio of individual projects. This program is the perfect fit for those who want to start a new career in design. Given that, there is no time to waste if you want to stop being unemployed.

Being unemployed means that money can be a problem. For that reason, Springboard offers several financing options like deferred tuition, loan financing and upfront payment discounts. At the same time, because of isolation, moving from one place to another can be difficult. Because of this, Springboard’s online courses are created to meet your needs as you will be able to learn from home.

Digital Marketer

Following the coronavirus outbreak, many companies needed tech talent that could help them increase their sales. As people couldn’t go to a store to buy groceries or products, they started to shop online. Nowadays, people with digital marketing skills help companies not only increase their sales but also provide better services.

Social networks like Instagram have changed how companies sell online. Customers can buy products and contact their suppliers. Social networks enable organizations to attract and retain new customers. Given this, it’s no surprise that digital marketers are essential for companies these days.

According to Glassdoor, a digital marketer earns, on average, $57,000 per year in the US. So, paying your bills will stop being a stressful situation during these hard times. In the same way, digital marketers are responsible for increase companies’ brand awareness. In that case, they need to learn SEO skills to improve companies’ ranking. As a result, organizations will have a better position in search engines.

This job role is for those who like to sell products and services online. It is the right fit for aspirants who like to deal with customers. General Assembly offers a digital marketing course that allows aspirants to learn the fundamentals. With their dynamic online platform, students can learn whenever and wherever they want.

With General Assembly, you will not only learn digital marketing skills but also receive help from experts in the field. As a result, you can stay motivated during the process and receive feedback to be ready for the job hunt.


As shown above, tech talent is in demand, and starting a new tech career will help you to thrive during isolation. Remote work is becoming the standard. For that reason, being able to work from home will allow you to find a job and keep it in the future.