Entrepreneurship skills are not easy to obtain. It can take lots of time and effort until you can begin to feel like a competent business owner. It can help tremendously to have a mentor – so if you want to help out the people who are just starting out, here’s what you can do.

Attend College Campus Workshops

One of the demographics that needs your help more than anyone else is college students. Young learners who are trying to break into the cutthroat world of business need your guidance. Internet research can only get you so far – and it’s the same with classes. 

What they need is someone with real-word experience who can talk to them about how to begin. Breaking into the field is the hardest part. At campus workshops, you’ll be able to answer questions and help provide hands-on preparation for the real thing.

Work With Vulnerable Teens

Another group of people who could really use your help is teenagers. Teens are at a hard point in their life. They’re trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be, while simultaneously learning how to deal with the first physical and emotional challenges of adulthood. It’s very common for teens to turn to delinquency if they don’t have nurturing adult figures in their lives. 

Poverty can have negative impacts on teens and their potential. This is why good teachers and parents are so important. You can contribute in your own way. Look into visiting local high schools. Learn how to get teens interested in entrepreneurship. Help them develop a positive vision for their future.

Your Peers and Contemporaries

The field of business is always changing – on a local level, on a federal level, and on a global level. Odds are that you still have a lot to learn, as do other business owners of your same age and experience. One of the best ways you can pass on skills to others (while simultaneously gaining new skills yourself) is by communicating with those peers. Go to business conventions. Work to be in rooms where important discussions are had by other companies. Networking is your greatest tool if done correctly.


Entrepreneurship is wonderful and important for many reasons – but one of the greatest is that it is empowering. You are actively helping your community when you pass on your skills. If you want to feel like you are making a positive difference with your business, you should look into these.


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