Your teeth are important in many different ways, so you want to protect them and give them a chance at strength and health throughout your life. In addition to regular oral hygiene, you can make your teeth even better by eating a good diet that is nutritionally sound. You only get one set of adult teeth, so you should do what you can to eat a good diet and keep them healthy throughout your lifetime.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar is delicious, but it doesn’t come with a lot of health benefits for your body in general. And, for your teeth, it can cause some serious problems and increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. You don’t have to eliminate sugar from your diet, but you should decrease it as much as possible. This will help you to improve your oral health and keep your enamel strong. Try to replace some of your sugary snacks with healthier options that are lower in sugar. Changing out candy for fruit is a good starting point that can help you to have much healthier teeth and a healthier body.

Limit Acidic Foods

The acid in your diet is also going to impact your teeth and cause damage to their enamel over time. When foods are high in acid, they can start to break down your enamel, which isn’t good for the health of your mouth or your teeth. Acidic foods can hurt your teeth as well as braces if you have them. Many people are aware that things like lemon juice are acidic, but there is also acid in surprising sources. Being careful with your intake of acid can help you to keep your teeth safe. And by drinking water with your acidic foods, you can help to get it off your teeth sooner.

Increase Your Calcium Intake

The first couple of items on this list were things to cut down on in your diet, but there are likely also things you need to increase. Calcium, for example, is a nutrient that helps protect the health of your teeth. Calcium is an essential nutrient, and it can be found in a variety of foods. You should make sure to incorporate calcium in your diet through foods like cheese and milk. You can also take a calcium supplement if you are concerned you still don’t have enough in your diet to protect your teeth.


Your diet is important to every aspect of your health, and that includes your oral health. When you eat a well-balanced diet that is low in things that can harm your teeth, you can protect your smile. Take time to make adjustments to your diet so you can give your teeth the protection they need.


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