One of the simplest methods of incorporating PLR with your content marketing strategy is to use PLR to fill in the gaps of information that your email list members need to advance through the marketing funnel and their buying journey to make more purchases of your products and services. This type of information can be delivered as an eCourse or via an autoresponder sequence and is super-fast to set up. Let’s explore the options.

Buy How-To PLR Content

The simplest PLR to turn into an eCourse or autoresponder sequence is any type of how-to content, whether it’s video, text, or otherwise. This type of content can easily be separated up into sections that you can post. The other type of content that works well is informational content, such as definitions or user guides that teach how to use a product or service.

Break the Content Down

Once you find the content, break it down so that each email you send is short. If you’re delivering it via course software like, you’ll still want to ensure that each email you send out is brief and to the point with a link to today’s course information or the actual information in bite-sized pieces.

Cut and Paste into Your Autoresponder

Once you find the right content and have broken it down, you can simply cut and paste it into the system. Be sure to look at how to do this; most of the time you’ll need to first paste the content into a text file or notepad to remove any Word or strange formatting before you cut and paste it into the system you’re using.

Upload to Course Software

You can also upload the information to course software like You’ll need to follow the directions for whatever software you choose to deliver your course to make it work for you as a lead magnet or to segment your list members. You can also do both so that you have another platform that has your content being delivered.

Upload to Your Website

Another way to deliver the course is by uploading it to your website on various download pages. Put each section of the course on a new private page on your website, then set up your autoresponder to deliver the links to the download page for each section of the course. This is a great way to bring people back to your website and market the next thing to them too.

Promote Course or Series to Build List

Once you create a course, no matter how you choose to deliver it, you’ll want to start promoting it so that you can build your email list. Promote it via social media, blog about it, and run paid ads to get more eyes on the information so that you get more sign-ups.

Send to Current List Members Too

When you create anything new even as a list builder (freebie), you’ll want to send the information to certain list members still. Most people use tagging today to help segment their list to ensure that anything they create with that tag is delivered to that segment. This is a great way to segment your existing list members further but also to bring them back to your website by giving them something valuable.

Remember the CTA

Each thing you send your audience whether it’s an autoresponder series or a course, it’s essential to include a CTA within the content. You always want to be leading your audience to the next thing, and the next thing is the purpose of sharing that content with them and will inform your CTAs.

Remember to think outside the box a little as you develop content for this purpose. When the content is delivered via email or course software, you don’t have to worry about it being duplicate content or editing it as much as you might if it’s front-facing right on your blog. Instead, you can focus on using the content to teach your audience and move them toward your offers and premium products or services. If nothing else, if you set up a series in email, it’ll keep your email list activated and informed.