Fadima Mooneira is a Malaysian blogger, writer, and illustrator. She has an MBA in Marketing for the National University of Malaysia (UKM), and a BSC Hons in International Fashion Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has a strong passion for creative writing and drawing. She believes writing and drawing are ways for her to express herself and share her imagination with others. She recently started her career as an author by collaborating with Pn. Sri Diah (her mentor and one of Malaysia’s top novelists) and 18 other authors in writing a book titled, Sahabat (Friends in Bahasa Malaysia). Sahabat is a book of short stories about friendships. In Sahabat, she wrote a story titled, KDK- Kawan Dari Kecil (Friends Since Childhood Days). Sahabat will be launch during the Kuala Lumpur Book Festival this March 2020.

LM: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
FM: I described myself as artistic, creative, innovative, imaginative, unique, trendy, and a knowledge seeker. I am a Malay girl with a mixture of Bugis, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Indian Muslim origin. I have a lot of mix. That is one of the things that I liked about myself. I am now pursuing my dreams to become a writer and illustrator. I am now active writing on my blog, and collaborating with other writers in freelance projects. I am also looking for opportunities to work with any children’s storybook authors for illustration projects. If there is any children’s storybook author looking for an illustrator to design and illustrate for their books, I am available and be happy to serve you.

LM: Tell us about your business.
FM: I’m just a beginner. So there’s nothing much I can share with you yet about my business. My business is about creative writing and drawing.

LM: What prompted you to start your business?
FM: To earn regular income, be financially independent, make a lot of money, build my own empire, control my own destiny, use my potential and talent to the fullest, provide an outlet for my creativity and talent, fulfill my creative needs, have freedom and flexibility, gained status and recognition, and provide security and income for my family when I am gone. Actually, I had a comfortable job as a contract civil servant before this. But after the Malaysia General Election in 2018, most contract officers were terminate including me. Since then I had a hard time to find a new job. This influences me to change my direction. However, I see this as an opportunity for me to pursue my passion and dreams.

LM: Have you always aspired to be an entrepreneur? Why or why not?
FM: Not when I was younger. During my younger days, I wanted to be a working professional. The tragedy in 2018 really made me change my mind.

LM: What’s the worst part of being an entrepreneur?
FM: I have to work harder than those who have a permanent job. But that’s ok.

LM: Who’s your inspiration?
FM: To be a writer and illustrator? Well, there are a lot of writers and artists who inspired me. Some of them are Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery, Alexandre Dumas, Nicholas Sparks, Kevin Kwan, Walt Disney, Professor Fuji’s F. Fujiko, Datuk Lat, and Emil’s Yusof.

LM: List some of your greatest achievements?
FM: 1) Collaborating with Pn. Sri Diah and 18 other authors to write a book titled Sahabat, 2) Getting my MBA in 2014, 3) Getting my BSC Hons In International Fashion Marketing in 2009, 4) Getting my Diploma in Fashion Retail Design in 2006

LM: Where do you see your business in 3 years?
FM: I hope to be a well-known writer and illustrator in 3 years’ time. I hope to publish at least 5 novels, illustrate 10 children’s storybooks. Plus, I also hope to start up my publishing company and art gallery.

LM: What advice would you give a new entrepreneur?
FM: No matter how hard it is, but if you really want it – just go for it. Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’m possible (this advice is also for myself)