Dalneshia is an amazing mom, friend, and woman of God. She never ceases to amaze me with all that she does but also how she supports other women. She truly has a heart from women and is committed to empowering and uplift them. Dalneshia exemplifies what a true superwoman should be.

Who is Dalneshia?
I am a 38 years old mother of 5 kids.  I am the oldest sibling of 3 kids.  I am a free-spirited person with the natural ability to love and serve others. I am a leader by nature, a forward thinker, I love to travel, sing, try new things, support, and encourage others. I am also a women with many flaws, I am not a good listener at times, communication and opening up to certain people is hard for me, I have real trust issues, I am a big procrastinator, I’m not good with pre-planning things, I have control issues and sometimes I’m scattered all over the place. One thing I have learned is that it is very important to take accountability of yourself and the choices you have made and find ways to learn from your experiences to create a better life for yourself and by understanding who you are creating so much self-love for yourself and others.  Throughout my life, I have been on a journey of ups and downs and it has helped me understand more of who I am and who’s I am.
2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Tell us about your business.
I am currently working for Procter and Gamble in Pineville La. I have a degree in Psychology and Counseling with a minor in General Studies.  I am a photographer, mentor, counselor, and a Certified Life Coach.  So, as you can see my life has been pretty busy and I owe it all to God. Although photography is a passion that I have, I have a heart for helping broken women heal.  I enjoy loving, motivating, strengthening and empowering women. I see myself as the bridge to helping women tap into who they are by facing their fears and their hurt. Without experiencing my own hurt, I would not be able to be in a position to help others.  I seek to understand and help women heal through one hurt at a time by building their self-confidence which I believe is the key for women to achieve their full potential. I also believe that we all have a story, we all have experienced some type of hurt, pain, disappointments, and that we all can be healed after being hurt.
McNeill’s photography has been in business for 6 years.  I provide pictures for every occasion, maternity, bridal, engagement, boudoir, Senior Session, Couples, etc., Taking pictures isn’t a hobby for me but a passion and a gift from God. With every snap, I try to create a memory that will last a lifetime.  I also have another business in the process that will be launching soon so be looking out.

What inspired you to pursue this area?
What inspired me to pursue photography was my father.  My father has been taking pictures all my life and growing up everywhere we went my dad had his camera and was taking pictures.  It didn’t matter the occasion he was always ready and prepared.  So about 7 years ago I decided to carry on his legacy.  I started off taking pictures with using his camera before I bought my own and then I realize that I really was good at it and that I had an eye for it.  Watching him and picking up his camera opened the door to a gift I never knew I had. For me being able to create and capture eye-catching moments is the most important thing for me because it gives uniqueness to the photos.  It brings out who the individual is and tells their story at that moment.  I am all about being outside of the box and the authentic image is an image that looks real and directly connects to my message in capturing your special moments with uniqueness, creativity and a lot of love.  So, when people see my work you see the love that I pour out in my photos.

What’s your proudest moment?
My proudest moment in my life is looking back over my life and seeing how God’s hand, favor, mercy grace, and love has kept me and my 5 kids.  I can honestly say that my past made me who I am today.  Everything mountain, every enemy and every obstacle I’ve faced I have always come out on top.  There is so much of my life that I can’t explain but knowing that God has been with me and is still with me puts every moment of my life a proud moment.  I encourage anyone that feels that life will never get better to keep pushing, keep evolving, a keep seeking God I am living proof that you can make it.  I leave you with this poem that I wrote to my daughter and I hope it speaks life to you.
Speak your truth… Be brave…. Be Bold and be Beautiful.  Be authentic. Be You.  Work hard.   Embrace your flaws, celebrate your wins and smile because you want to – not because someone told you to.  Hold your ground, spread love because love always wins.  Don’t play the victim, because McNeill women are warriors and we always come out on top.  Know your worth, protect your energy and tell your story.  Share your Black Girl Magic and stay true to your own identity.  Laugh loud and proud and don’t sweat the small stuff.  You will accomplish many things and I will be right here cheering you on and even when I die and no one is in your corner pat your own self on the back, cheer yourself on and seek God for love and comfort.  Love, Your Mom

What’s next for you and your business?
In closing I am in the process of writing my first book, launching a new business and expanding my photography business.  I encourage everyone to seek God for understanding and guidance as to understanding your purpose.   Take every lesson and failure as an opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself.  Remember that everyone can’t go where you are going, help those that want to help themselves and pray for those that are lost and trying to find their way.

How can the readers connect with you?
You can contact me for any occasion for photography, mentoring, coaching and Public Speaking
Instagram:  mcneill_photo
Facebook:  https://facebook.com/McNeillPhotos
Email: dalneshia82@gmail.com