Chernika Corbett is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur working on this brand for the entire family. She resides in Boston but is from Georgia girl. She loves shoes; it’s her therapy. Nikki is just a laid back woman that loves to travel.
Nikki says, “When we started DéJa Vu Skin it was rough, and still is rough, but our determination and dream of creating our own all-natural products continue to be work in progress. We don’t always agree but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Our entire family is involved in the creation of this brand each and every day!”

She’s found this level of peace in her life and business that she protects at all costs. She’s really big on blocking on all negativity from her. If your vibe ain’t right, my girl Nikki says you must move around from her!!

I love how this is a family business and they do it together! Their products are addictive and I think that’s because they are made with love!

Nikki’s advice to new entrepreneurs is to never give up and to do things their way not how others think they should be done.

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DeJa Vu Skin