Today is the day when most people shower gifts to those they love. They spend enormous amounts of money on flowers, bears. cards, etc. It’s the one time of year they probably go all out besides maybe anniversaries or birthdays. Anyways, most singles are feeling some kinda way today because they don’t have anyone to do that for them. Maybe they’ve just went through a bad breakup or just having a hard time finding a companion. They get depressed and sad. It’s not a good feeling but you must snap out of it. Be your own damn valentine. No one loves you more than you should be loving yourself.

I’m a proud card toting single who relishes in the single life. Anything I want I can buy for myself. Now I wasn’t always this way and trust me I feel your pain. However I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to be sad about something I had no control over. After my divorce and dating a horrible man, I decided it was time to date myself. Literally I mean!! I took myself to the movies and to dinner. I bought myself flowers or candy if I wanted them. I got to know and love myself so that if I did find someone I would be ready.

It’s not easy watching folks display their gifts and treats on this day. You may feel envious or sad. But don’t despair. Treat yourself. Be happy with you and love on you. After getting to know myself really well I saw that I liked me more than anyone else so I made a conscious decision to be by myself. I love it and it works well for me.

So on this day of love, love your damn self. Treat your damn self. And be your own damn Valentine.