Photo by Giphy

It’s ok sis. We’ve all played the fool once or twice in our life. We’ve all picked the wrong jerk and couldn’t get over him. As I listened to “Fool in Love” by Ike and Tina Turner, I wondered why we still love these a**holes? I mean they clearly aren’t good for us. They’re hurtful and not good for our mental or emotional health. But yet we still love them.

Why as women are we drawn to such idiots? What is it about them that makes them attractive? I think we know they’re no earthly good yet we stick it out with the douche bag. Is it the challenge we like? Do we think we can change him? Think about it. On the surface, he’s nice and sweet but those butthole tendencies show up every now and again. But we just ignore the signs.

I dated a clown once that was the worse narcissist I have ever seen. This dude never accepted responsibility for anything he did. If he did something wrong to me, he’d manage to find a way to make it my fault. I look back at that awful relationship and wonder why in the hell did I stay that long. Guys like that have the worse case of self-esteem and very insecure.

We must know our worth to get away from these guys. I know it’s easier said than done but your mental and emotional health depends on it. Being in love with the wrong guy can be detrimental to you. They will always fail you or disappoint you one way or another. I know we want to see the good in them but honestly, they will never change and will always be the awful disrespectful person they have always displayed. Sis, you gotta pick up your bag and let him go!