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Obedience is a Must

Sometimes we’re placed in sticky situations. It may be hard to decide what we need to do but we must have faith and be obedient to what God is telling us. Obedience is required to receive what God has for us. When I think about an ultimate sacrifice to be obedient to God, I think about Abraham. We all know the story of Abraham and Isaac right? (Genesis 22:1-18)

Abraham and Sarah were very old in age but God promised them a son. A year later Isaac was born. When Issac was a young boy, God tested Abraham by telling him to offer Issac as a burnt sacrifice. Of course, Abraham was grieved by this! I mean this boy was what he and Sarah had prayed for. But Abraham didn’t even hesitate when God told him to take Issac to the mountaintop and sacrifice him. Abraham knew that God would provide a way out of him losing his son. After Isaac was tied up and about to be sacrificed, the angel of the Lord appeared to Abraham and told him not to lay a hand on Issac. There was a ram in the bush for him and Issac to sacrifice. Insert praise!!!!

Is there something God is leading you to do but it will require a huge sacrifice? Being obedient is not an option. It’s a requirement. We must get in the mindset of being quick to obey what God is telling us to do. As you can see, Abraham didn’t hesitate to follow God’s instructions. He was a man filled with so much faith that he didn’t even doubt God would provide a way out of him having to sacrifice his son.

Can you trust God enough to follow His lead? Can you leave that job to follow your calling? Are you faith-filled enough to live out your purpose even if it looks like you have to start over? Can you leave that relationship you’re in to get all that God really has for you? Think about it. It may not lead to you having to give up or lose as much as you think.

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