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Charlee King

I couldn’t be more proud of my friend Charlee. She recently launched her cookie company, Mommy’s Sweet Treats and now she is the author of a book, “Thanks for Telling Me”. She had an awesome book signing event recently at the Sweet Lips Cigar Bar. I had a chance to chat with Charlee about her book and what’s next for her.

LM: Tell me a little about the book.
CK: Thanks for Telling Me is a comical guide for new mothers on what to expect after giving birth.

LM: What inspired the book?
CK: The need to inform and support new mothers. I’m a mother my self and went through so much mentally, emotionally and physically after giving birth. I want to help lessen the stigma of what a mother should be after experiencing something so life-changing.

LM: There are so many books that offer advice or guidance before the baby arrives. Your book talks about what to expect after giving birth. Do you think that most new mothers are caught off guard by what happens after the baby comes?
CK: Most mothers are definitely caught off guard. Even if you’ve had other children or come from a family that traditionally has a support system for the new mom. You can be surprised by the things your body and mind go through. Each pregnancy is different. I want to lessen the blow and give them a heads up. Some of the experiences can be scary so I wanted to present it in a comical way. That way the mother would not be afraid or nervous about things that may happen.

LM: Although comical, your book provides supports for these new moms. What was your greatest challenge as a new mom?
CK: Getting over the feeling of not being a great mother because of the standards that are expected. Even if you’re exhausted, as a mom, you are expected to get up in the middle of the night for feedings and not complain. If you do, you’re a bag mother. I had to understand that certain feelings are normal and it was ok to feel them.

LM: What’s next for Charlee King?
CK: In Spring 2020, I will be going on an 8 city book tour. I want to create more “mother rooms” on college campuses and teach courses on breastfeeding.

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