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Aquila Farrell

A Biochemist by trade, in 2016, Aquila took a major career leap to focus solely on her blog and never looked back. She now runs her lifestyle website from sunny San Francisco where she shares her fashion favorites, luxe travel destinations and beauty must-haves Aquila has worked with Fortune 500 brands including Godiva, Amazon Music, Audible, Dyson, Vaseline.
Aquila is also the Course Coordinator at Jenell B Stewart’s Digital Content Creation School where she provides guidance to digital content creators seeking to build their digital brands and I am a current student.
Aquila is the author of Biochemist to Blogger and How to Shoot Your Own Photos with an iPhone. Aquila has curated two online courses called Landed and The One Thing. Both courses teach bloggers how to land travel partnerships.
Today Aquila remains a fixture in the front row of several fashion shows including Zac Posen, Christian Wijnants, Carolina Hererra, Naeem Khan, and Marchesa. Aquila has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, POPSUGAR.COM,, and

Who is Aquila?
I am a fashion enthusiast, author, speaker, and entrepreneur who turned her love of fashion and design into a digital brand. I am known for mixing high-end designer wear with my own custom garments to church, the moniker MsChurchDress was born.
” I want to be a lighthouse to those who are looking for help along their journey. If they need a mentor, I want to be the one they turn to.”- Aquila Farrell

Tell us about your brand. is the digital home of fashion creative Aquila “ MsChurchDress” Farrell. is the intersection of fashion and travel. It offers a glimpse into Aquila’s world highlighting the beauty of color, the influence of fashion and her beauty favs.

Discuss a professional challenge and how you overcame it.
When I first started my business, I couldn’t find someone who would mentor me. All of the people I turned to for help, considered me competition rather than a mentee. I was devastated but then I met Jenell B Stewart who took me under her wing and taught me how to fly. Since meeting Jenell, I have taken all of the strategies she taught me and have accelerated my success.
What’s next for you and your brand?
In 2020 I will be working with more brands, managing digital content creators, and coaching digital content creators
How can we get connected with you
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