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Four Lady Bosses You Should Be Following

Being a lady boss ain’t easy but for some it’s just a lifestyle they manage well. We all want to level up our businesses in some way and I’ve got 5 lady bosses you should be following to help you get there.

Milan Mobley

Milan is a millennial serial entrepreneurial powerhouse. She is a publicist, public speaker, and CEO of the Umanagement Public Relations Agency. She is also the founder and creator of EntrepreneuHERS Brunch, Host of “Your Bossiest Friend the Podcast“, and the owner of Thee Milan Mobley Brand.

Why You Should Follow Her:
At the age of 21, she started her entrepreneurship journey and by the time she was 23 she had three businesses. Milan has taken her Mogul Talks all over the country, talking with new or inspiring entrepreneurs on how to launch and maintain a successful business. She’s an author with her latest project being the “Manifest your Mindset Activity Journal”. I’m a huge fan of this journal because it is truly helpful as an entrepreneur. She’s a force to be reckoned with and if you follow her on social media, you get an insight into all she does and how she truly has a heart for people. Not only can she help you start and maintain your business but she can also help you get the attention your business deserves. Milan is also a member of the National Council of Negro Women and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC.
You can follow her here:
Instagram: Thee Milan Mobley
Facebook: Milan Mobley
Twitter: Thee Milan Mobley

Sophia A. Nelson, Esq

Sophia is the best selling author of “Black Woman Redefined“, “The Woman Code“, which is my favorite, and “ePluribus One”. She has written for BizJournals, Newsweek/Daily Beast, Women in the World, Huffington Post, Healthy Living, Black Voices & Women. She also is a contributor to MSNBC, Essence Magazine, USA TODAY, and NPR. Sophia is a member of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC. 

Why You Should Follow Her:
Sophia has “redefined” how we should see ourselves as black women in America with her book “Black Women Redefined”. She discusses who black women are no different from any other women. She dispels the stereotype that black women are angry and talks about how First Lady Michelle Obama set the stage on changing that myth.
In “The Woman Code” Sophia gives us the keys to unlocking our best life. We all live by a code whether we recognize it or not. Either the code will help us be successful or keep us stuck. Sophia gives us 20 keys to unlock our best life with purpose.
In “ePluribus One”, Sophia breaks all political barriers by uniting us as one. In this historical and inspirational book, Sophia takes us back to our founding values and calls us out to live up to a higher standard as our founding fathers would have wanted us to do.
You can follow her here:
Twitter: IamSophiaNelson
IG: Sophia Nelson

Lillie Mae

Lillie Mae is the President of Lillie Mae PR and the creator of the Glambitious Empowerment Brand. Her PR agency specializes in media relations, event production, and brand activations. Lillie Mae has been featured on Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Sheen Magazine, TMZ Live, XoNecole, Uptown Magazine, NBC 11Alive among other outlets.

Why You Should Follow Her:
Lillie Mae has created a platform for women all over the world to be supported and empowered. She has classes, books, and events to educate entrepreneurs professionally and personally. Lillie Mae has several events every year where entrepreneurs are able to showcase their brands either by vending or speaking.
You can follow her here:
Instagram: GlambitiousIAM
Instagram: Lillie Mae

Jenell B Stewart

Jenell is an award-winning beauty editor and fabulous digital content creator.  She is the founder of the Digital Content Creation School in which I am a proud student. She’s also a wife and mom of 2 who balances is all very well. She’s a YouTuber, podcaster and social media maven.

Why You Should Follow Her:
If you want to make money blogging or being a digital content creator, Jenell is the go-to source for that. Her Digital Content Creation school has helped so many live their dreams and put entrepreneurship on the table for them. Those who aspire to quit their jobs and blog for a living have had the pleasure to do so because of Jenell. I never thought I could pitch to brands and get paid to market them until I became a student of the Paid Pitch. Jenell has helped so many men and women taking blogging to the next level and get paid.

You can follow her here:
Facebook: Jenell B Stewart
Twitter: Jenell B Stewart
Instagram: Jenell B Stewart

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