This fashionista has a Houston based clothing boutique that caters to the curvy girl. I’m a customer and love her clothing. Yolanda is very personable and takes pride in what she does. I had a great time chatting with her and can’t wait for you to read it. Let’s get started…


Kushions Plus Size

LM: Tell us a little about yourself
YA: My name is Yolanda Ann and married and the mother of  2.


LM: What made you start The Ego Boutique?
YA: I was honestly just tired of going to places to shop and I couldn’t find my size and I was simply tired of looking like everyone else. I wanted to showcase style while being a size 16.

The Lennz Bennett

LM: Why a boutique?
YA: Why not? At the time it was an awesome opportunity and wasn’t very saturated, it was almost perfect. I wanted to cater to the plus size community with different styles of fashion.

LM: Fashion is everything. Who is your ideal client?
YA: Ummmmmmm. I don’t have an ideal client at the moment.

LM: How many shows have you done?
YA: I’ve done Full Figured Fashion Week New York twice.
I have showcased three of my own shows and I have been apart over 10 shows.

Tiffany Couture

LM: What styles are in right now?
YA: That would depend on the client. I believe fashion is a circle and it continues to come around.

LM: What’s your favorite part of the business? Least favorite?
YA: My favorite part is being able to speak and empower my clients.  I really love the communication. I hate that I can’t be open every day of the week.

Camille Elise Photography

LM: How do you find your models?
YA: Social Media

LM: When you hear the word “family” what comes to mind?
YA: My husband and children

LM: How important is family to your business and career?
YA: My family is very important to my business and career.

LM: What do you do in your leisure time?
YA: Shop for the boutique, travel, and sleep

Showcaze Productions

LM: Self-care is very important. What are some rituals you do for self-care?
YA: Prayer

LM: As women, we sometimes have so much going on. How important is your mental health to you?
YA: Mental Health is very important.

LM: What things do you do to preserve your mental health?
YA: I love to take spa days and sometimes take time off away from work.

LM: Name 3 influential people in your life and why.
YA: Mother- she taught me to always be great and never settle
Children- they are my inspiration, I do it for them
Clients- they constantly remind me of my purpose in life

LM: Share something that no one may know about you or that very few people know.
YA: I have lost a child and a mother.

LM: What’s your biggest fear?
YA: Failure

LM: Greatest triumph?
YA: Success

The Lennz Bennett

LM: Give me 3 words, good or bad, to describe you.
YA: Funny, Mouthy, Influential

LM: They say we all have a theme song. What’s yours?
YA: I can’t just name one…lol(Laughter)

LM: What’s next for you?
YA: Trying to overcome the challenging of having a successful business. 

LM: How do we connect with you?
YA: Instagram @theegoboutique