It’d be naive to say that any period of your life is a non-stressful time. Every stage of your life brings with it its own stresses, including middle age. These years of your life can be stressful, and come with a lot of change. These are some of the things that can make middle age a stressful time.

Health Issues

As you reach middle age, there are a handful of health issues you may experience that can make things a bit more stressful for you. If you’re a woman, menopause comes during middle age. Menopause is often supremely uncomfortable and can be a lot for any woman to deal with. 

Regardless of your sex, however, there are some health issues that just come with aging. As you age, your bones and muscles become weaker and you can develop things like arthritis, and other muscle and joint pain. These issues can make it more difficult for you to get around, and can limit your mobility and endurance.

Taking Care of Kids and Parents

Another thing that comes with middle age is your kids and parents growing up as well. If you find yourself as an empty nester in your middle age, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done taking care of people. Your parents may reach a point where they need more constant care, and you’ll have to help decide what the next step is for them. 

Aging parents can live out their life more comfortably at home rather than in a hospital. If you can, consider building a mother-in-law suite on your property to give your aging parents this extra living space. This allows you to stay close to them, and still gives them the independence of having their own space.

Planning for Retirement

The final part of middle age that can bring you stress is needing to plan for your retirement. Ideally, you will have been planning for your retirement throughout your entire career, but this is where things cumulate. During your years of middle age, you’ll begin to seriously plan your retirement to ensure that everything is in its place. To prepare for your retirement, there are several steps you should take. 


First, meet with a financial advisor to ensure that your finances are all in order for the transition. Next, you should decide what your plans are for retirement, such as where you’ll live and what you’ll do. These decisions all help you make sure that you’re ready to retire when the time comes.


Of all the stages of life that are discussed among the public, middle age is perhaps the time that is talked about the least. These years of your life can be stressful, and there’s still a lot of change to go through. During your years in middle age, these are some of the stresses you can expect.


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