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What Your Business Needs to Thrive Long Term

When a business experiences immediate success, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and call it a day. What could go wrong after such a good start? No matter the age of your business, however, you need to be constantly prepping and planning in order to just survive long term. And, if you want to thrive, you’ll need to make sure these three things are front and center in your business model!


Getting business is good, but getting more than you can handle will quickly make or break your company. If you want to succeed in the long run, your business model needs to be mindful of scalability—that is, the ability to expand and increase in scale and size according to customer demand. If your bakery only has 3 workers currently, for example, you need to set thresholds for sales to reach before you hire more or, say, lease a larger location. Scalable business models also determine their goals and the plans in place for coordinating processes so that, no matter what your business’s future holds, you can continually make your processes more efficient and keep a profit.

Build Loyalty

People are always interested in the shiny, new thing—so what happens when your business is on the older side? Brands can quickly lose customers’ interest if they are behind the times on product quality, production times, customer service, or rewards systems. Rewards points can incentivize customers to shop at your business instead of another, and to do so more often. Paying attention to competitors and their methods can also help you to improve your brand and make it shine even more, ensuring you’re never left behind by past customers even when your business is technically a bit old.

Implement New Technology

Too often, businesses create strategies based on the current best practices of the industry and never upgrade their software or other IT management systems which could increase efficiency in multiple areas. Though you can’t predict the future, creating a plan to continually research the best and newest practices being used in your business will keep its processes efficient and fresh in the eyes of your customers. Lots of companies that have created their own apps, for instance, have found increased success over others that don’t take advantage of such a technological advance.

Your chances of succeeding as a business are never just a statistic. In fact, they’re heavily influenced by your decisions and strategies for your business long-term. If you’re wondering whether or not to think about a business model for the years to come, wonder no longer.


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