Starting a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding career pursuits that you can dedicate yourself to. There are few things that will fill you with as much pride and fulfillment as making your very first sale. When you can provide a good or service in exchange for money, you feel a sense of accomplishment and contribution to society. But before you can accept a payment, you need to do a few things with your business to ensure that you are set up properly for payments. Here are three things you need to do to start accepting payment for your business.

Payment Processors

The first thing that you are going to need to start accepting payments for your business is payment processors. This begs an important question – what is a payment processor? Well, we’re glad you asked, a payment processor is any company or service that processes payments for individuals. These processors are the middleman between your bank account and your customers bank account. There are a lot of options for payment processors to work with, like major credit cards. There are also other digital processors, like PayPal and others that you can work with as well. Start by building relationships with payment processors.

POS Hardware

The next thing that you are going to need to start accepting payments for your business is POS hardware. POS is short for Point of Sale, and POS hardware is any sort of physical device that you and your employees can use to process payment and complete sales. Mobile POS systems allow you to swipe credit cards as payment. Make sure that your business finds the POS hardware that makes the most sense for your business setup, whether that is mobile, digital, fixed, or some combination.


The final thing that your business needs to start accepting payments is customers. Without customers to come and buy your goods or service, you have no way to accept payment. Focus on building your customer base and getting people in the door when you are first starting out. While eventually profits are needed to keep your business afloat, at first you just need customers willing to purchase from you. Dedicate a sufficient marketing budget and don’t shy away from giving first time customers a discount.

Running a business can be a very nerve-racking and difficult experience. But once you make that very first sale, all that stress can just roll away. Make sure that you have these three things that your business needs to start accepting payments when you open.

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