Working 9 to 5 in an office every weekday is how many of us make a living. This type of employment can be interesting, rewarding and enjoyable. Unfortunately, it can also be terribly sedentary. While this sort of job isn’t usually associated with fitness, there are several options an employee can implement to maintain an appropriate fitness level. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few different things you can do to stay fit.

Bike to Work

Commuting by bicycle is a very healthy and economical alternative to driving. Although it has several benefits, keep in mind the risks of biking to work so that you can stay safe. For example, anyone biking to work should make sure they use reflective clothing and safety gear such as a helmet while riding. Second, an employee biking to work should be aware of local traffic laws and how bicyclists must conform to them. Finally, when considering riding a bike to work you should factor in the distance and the terrain. A steep incline will make it more of a challenge.

Employee Wellness Programs

Another fitness alternative is to join an employee wellness program sponsored by the company. These programs can range from encouraging healthy eating to various types of exercise. They’re usually offered by larger companies or conscientious startups. If you want to start your own employee wellness program, you should contact your manager and discuss possibilities.

Exercise Where You Are

As long as you aren’t worried about getting strange looks from your coworkers, there are several options for exercising at your desk. Some people set a timer to focus on work for 55 minutes and then take a few minutes to focus on desk exercises. Of course, you can always plan for routine exercise after work. This will allow you to release some of the stress developed throughout the day and consider what you might need to do on the next.

There are several ways to maintain fitness when working in the office 9 to 5. It’s important to remember that you can exercise wherever you are whether you’re in the office or out of it. However, it may be easier to exercise in the office if your company has created a healthy culture that includes an employee wellness program. Of course, you can also bike to work. Just remember to stay safe if you do.

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