Going back to the drawing board is never easy. No one likes to admit their methods aren’t working, but often it can make or break the future success of a business. When your original plan isn’t working, don’t just sit on it and hope—take initiative now to turn things around and get your business back on its feet.

Get an Outside Opinion

Sometimes the problem is that you yourself are too close to the project to see what needs to change. Having an outsider—more especially, a professional—evaluate your business and its current practices can help easily uncover the flaws. There are multiple types of business advisors, with varying involvement according to your price range. Whether you hire a public relations agency or just an advisor, however, the most important qualities any outside opinion should have is objectivity and experience. With both of those, the advice they give will be invaluable.

Take a New Approach

Often, people are looking at things from the wrong angle. Taking a wholly new approach to your business and brand can breathe new life into them when it appears the only forward trajectory is downwards. In fact, it is so often a successful approach that businesses do it even if their sales are not suffering. There are many successful examples of rebranding efforts among major companies just as often as small. That’s because customers often respond favorably to new and exciting changes. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and entirely reinvent something if it will bring your business lasting success.

Review Past Analytics

Last, consider when your business has succeeded in the past, and when it failed. Taking a look at what data you’ve collected can go far in helping you move forward with what’s right for your business and leaving behind what isn’t. It’s hard to tell what approaches and styles will land well with your target audience, especially in the beginning. But even failures can be useful if you identify and evaluate where you went wrong. Use the data you’ve collected so far, and make sure to invest in some kind of data analytics software if you haven’t yet.

As you create your new business plan, remember that this isn’t admitting defeat—in fact, it’s the opposite. Sometimes you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and being open to other ideas and methods can breathe new life into a dying business. Assess what needs to change for yours, and get started!

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