Black History Month is celebrated in February. It honors the accomplishments of black Americans but also highlights the struggles that we endured to carve out a piece of America for us. I am extremely proud to be a black American and look forward to celebrating black history not just in February but all year long.

I don’t think the accomplishments of black Americans should be isolated or only celebrated one month a year. We are American history and this country was built by us! A lot of our history has been buried or stolen by white Americans. Because black Americans didn’t have any rights and weren’t allowed to get patents, white Americans stole many of their inventions.

A culture as rich and diverse as the Black culture should be seen and respected as such. We’ve paved the way for a lot of great things in American culture and history. Black history means a lot to me. It is an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of those before me that are often neglected and overshadowed. We should take more time to study the black experience and how it affects society. Again. I am proud to be a black American!