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Vernetta R. Freeney

Vernetta R. Freeney is an award-winning blogger and the Creator/Producer/Host of the podcast, A Toast To Truths. She is also an award-winning event producer, speaker and community builder. She shares the dirty truth about entrepreneurship via her podcast & blogging on her Youtube channel. She was one of the Top 100 Young Professionals in Houston 2015 and has been featured on , EOFire podcast and a host of other media outlets.
When she’s not perusing Twitter, she’s reading a really good book, binge-watching Netflix, journaling, napping, eating chocolate or cheering on her beloved Dallas Mavericks.
Vernetta is a regular guest on blogs, podcasts, and other media. She speaks at conferences, workshops, trainings and more across the country with her je ne sais quoi introverted speaking style.
If all this isn’t enough, Vernetta was an ESL Instructor over 10 years, TV Host, Creator & Producer, Advertising Consultant for a podcast network, Award-winning Fusion Tour creator/producer, former board of director member of a few nonprofits, and founding Organizer of the Houston African American Bloggers Association.

Who is Vernetta?
Well, Vernetta is a vibrant, outgoing, outspoken introvert who loves reading, eating chocolate, binge-watching Netflix, naps, and the Dallas Mavericks. I’m a person who likes to keep to my small group of friends. Not as adventurous as people think I am but will take a risk if I feel it’ll take me a step closer to my purpose or goals. I fight for what I believe is right and speak up when I feel others are wronged. I don’t apologize for who I am or my beliefs. I do, however, take into consideration that others are different from me. But that doesn’t make me change who I am. I believe that God created me to help people and blogging is the avenue in which I provide that help. Essentially, I am someone who is firmly solid in who I am as a person and no longer craves the thoughts from others about who I am or what I should do in my life.

Tell us about how you got started.
I started blogging in 2009 as a way to vent about my job at the time. In 2011, when I left that job I got back into it as a way to pass time until I found another job. In just 6 weeks, I landed my first paid opportunity. And I kept going since then. I thought it would take longer but things aligned so well. I just had to get over my fear of not being tech-savvy. When I did I was able to just get going.

What’s your most proud moment?
My proudest moment is, well that’s hard. I have done so much from having my own TV show after one of my blogs, ‘Women Are Gamechangers’ called ‘Ms. Gamechanger Knows’ to winning investment seed money for my award-winning national tour, ‘Fusion Tour’ to selling my blog ‘Women Are Gamechangers’ to starting the country’s first blog association for Black bloggers specifically for a major city. What I can say is no matter what I have done over the past 8.5 years keeping my integrity intact is what I’m most proud of.

Where do you see yourself in 2 yrs? 5 years?
Believe it or not, as type A as I am, I don’t plan my life out that far anymore. Life has hit me one too many times so I prefer to set outcomes or goals and work towards them. I put deadlines on things but I don’t want to be so rigid anymore. If I can say anything, I would see myself living a peaceful life in the future. And everything else is a bonus.

How can readers connect with you?
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