When you buy PLR, don’t feel as if you need to use the PLR as it is. You can and should when it’s appropriate, but you can increase your return on investment by using the PLR in other ways. One way to increase your ROI is to use PLR, if you’ve chosen a reputable PLR seller to work with, is to use them as your own personal research assistant.

Sometimes you want to create something more original, and you can do that starting with PLR. Here’s how you can use PLR as research, just like you would use an encyclopedia or other research materials. While this will not pass muster with your writing professor, that’s not your concern. You want to use the information you pay for to create as much content as you can, and starting with PLR to create more is a great way to do that.

Read Through the PLR Pack

The first thing you’ll want to do is read through any PLR pack you buy. As you read through the content, make notes about which member of your audience will most want the information that you’re reading and which facts from the information they need.

Collect Notes for Inspiration

As you read through, write down the facts, and any information that sparks new ideas in your mind. It can help to use a system like Trello.com or even old fashioned 3×5 cards to write down the quotes, information, and topic notes that you come up with for further action.

Do Additional Research

Using your notes, conduct more research. You can use the information you’ve collected to find even more PLR that you can use to do even more research on the topic at hand. It can help to write down names of interest, terms, and other information that you can use to search for more info.

Write Your Own Thoughts

For each research item that you find, be sure to add your own thoughts to it about why it’s true or false or whatever you want to impart to your buyers. Adding your own thoughts and ideas instantly makes the content unique to you and something totally new from the PLR you purchased.

Expand on the Information With Examples

Find examples to demonstrate the information you’re trying to impart to your audience. You may have case studies to conduct. For example, you can send a survey to your buyers to get them to contribute to the new content based on the subject matter and facts you’ve found in the PLR.

Create Checklists, Templates, and Workbooks from How-to Content

One of the simplest things to do is take any how-to content and turn it into a checklist, template, or workbook that helps guide buyers to the solution by teaching them step by step. You can do that with any PLR that you buy to add value or create something totally new.

The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that one PLR pack is invaluable for you to use in your business. You can use it as it is, you can expand upon it, or you can turn it into something completely new by gathering facts from the content that you start fresh with to create brand new unique content that you write or ask your content ghostwriter to write for you. Either way, it’s a win-win when you start with well-written and well-researched PLR.