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Terrian Waite

Terrian Waite is a young Mompreneur who believes in being strategic in executing our daily tasks if we are to achieve the maximum outcome. With over 13 years of experience organizing and planning various types of events and projects remotely, she found her passion in Lifestyle Process Planning for Mompreneurs. She’s the mom to a toddler and pre-schooler as well as a wife. She owns a virtual organizing business called Takl’d and an eye care business that she manages with her husband.  

Terrian’s whole purpose is to help fellow Mompreneurs go from Booked, Busy and Burnt out to Productive and Pumped. She offers specific daily home operations management to help misaligned moms go from just having a to-do list to efficiently actualizing that list. She helped me get my emails together and it totally changed how I view my email now. 
You can contact Terrian here:
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