Tyler Segura & Tate Smith

City and state 
Katy, TX
LM: How long have you been together? 
3.5 years
LM: How did you meet? 
Through a friend
LM: What attracted you to each other? 
Ty: His voice
Tate: His smile
LM: Who made the first move?
LM: Name an obstacle that you all have endured/overcame? And how did you do it? 
Tate moved to Kansas for a job. During this time we still stayed together and maintained a long-distance relationship. I think communication was key during this time. We always stayed in touch with what each other was doing- and praise Jesus for FaceTime!
LM: How did you know that person was the one? 
When we first met, it was like our souls just connected. There was an instant connection that neither of us could deny.
LM: Any advice for other couples? 
Communication. Never hold anything in. Tell them how you feel, even the good feelings. Life is too short to hold grudges or not say I love you.