Ta’Sha Henry is a former wardrobe stylist from New Jersey who is the owner of Stylish Eye Diva and The Good Vibe Collection. I had the pleasure of meeting Ta’sha at Werk Pray Slay and we’ve just stayed connected ever since then.

The first thing that attracted me to Ta’Sha is her keen sense of style. She is always fashionable and chic. She carries herself with so much class and grace; you will just love being in her presence. Another thing that drew me to her was her positive attitude. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ta’Sha frown and even be mad!! Her positivity is infectious and she makes sure everyone around her feels the love.

When I first saw The Good Vibe Collection, I knew immediately that it would be a hit! The colors and the style of the bracelets are amazing. I love the theme of the bracelets; spreading positive energy and style. They are “attitude checkers” as she calls them. They are an amazing collection and you will certainly want to get some.

You can connect with Ta’sha here:
IG: The Good Vibe Collection
Stylish Eye Diva
Website: The Good Vibe Collection