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When Good Vibes Meets Beauty – Ta’sha Henry

Meet Ta’sha Henry

Ta’Sha, also known as Stylish Eye Diva is the owner and creator of The Good Vibe Collection.

How does it feel to be a black woman during this time?
Being A Black Woman At This Time Is A Whole Vibe! It Comes With Many Mental Twist & Turns Highs & Lows But I Am Thankful & Grateful To Be Alive To Share My Story & Be Of Service To Those Around Me!

What does Women History Month mean to you?
Women History Month Is A Everyday Vibe For Me! It Means Women Get To Be Celebrated For Being Themselves, Strong, Smart, Loving, Etc! I’m Honored To Be A Woman

What prompted you to start your business or brand?
I Started My Business Because There Are A lot Of Women Who Are Beautiful On The Outside But Their Mindset Sucks On The Inside So I Want To Help Reframe The Negative Mindset To Positive With Style!

What has been your greatest achievement?
My Greatest Achievement Is Hearing Women Say I Made Their Day Because Of My Message/Purpose It’s Bigger Than Me!

What advice would you give a new woman entrepreneur?
Be Confident In Yourself & The Decisions You Make Create A Schedule, Plan Ahead Of Time & Learn Financial Literacy! Do Not Give Up! Give Yourself Grace Losses Are Lessons So Learn From Them Then Move Accordingly!

You can connect with Ta’sha here:
The Good Vibe Collection Website

The Good Vibe Collection Instagram

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