Nothing is going right. You feel like life is out of control. Things on the job are not right, relationships are a wreck, children acting out, money is funny and you’re feeling so defeated and depressed. Sounds familiar? I can remember having similar situations happening and lying in bed just crying my eyes out. As I laid there crying and praying, all I could hear was “surrender”. Surrender? Does that mean I have to let go of control? God wants me to surrender?

Google’s definition of surrender is “to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority”. Well, that’s not quite right. God is not my enemy or opponent. He’s my Father and very much my friend. Another definition I found was “to give up or hand over, typically on compulsion or demand”. Not quite. See my Father wants free will. He doesn’t demand our obedience. He wants us to willingly and freely give it. Here’s a great definition; “to abandon oneself entirely to a powerful emotion or influence; give in to”. Now, this sounds more like it. Although God will never force His agenda on us, eventually we will “give in” to His powerful influence.

Like the day when I was at my breaking point, I had to surrender to my Father. I realized that I couldn’t do anything within myself without Him. It gets to a point where you can no longer think you can control your life. Yes, we have free will but God’s will for our lives will always prevail. So that day when life was too much and I couldn’t handle it anymore, I was forced to surrender. The internal struggle I had within me was too much. I was fighting myself and it was taking a toll on me emotionally and physically. I had to look to my Father for help and surrender.

What are you struggling with today that you need to relinquish? Have you reached out to God for help? If you want to stop fighting with yourself and get some peace, surrender today! I’m learning that I will surrender one way or another; either on my own or when things get to be too much and I don’t have a choice. It’s important for you to do so for your sanity and your health. Simply ask God for help and let go.