For a moment, I was stuck. Stagnant because of an unhealthy, toxic relationship. Normally, I can work through anything but those soul ties I had with this clown were bad! His inability to make anything productive happen in his life had somehow rubbed off on me. Ladies, we must be careful who we connect with.

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He considered himself successful. He was able to gain the likes and love of the people he worked for however he was never able to replicate this same “success” in his own endeavors. Oh, he made plans yet never was able to execute them. He felt he was so important that he could have folks do his work for him.

Being in love can be a wonderful thing, but being in love with the wrong person can be dangerous. Toxic relationships seem to be the norm these days and the tolerance of a man or woman’s bad behavior in the name of love can be a false depiction of what love really is. Being entangled with the wrong person can leave you depressed and stuck.

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I dated this clown for about 3 years on and off. He is a narcissistic manipulative troll who seemed to charm everyone in his path. He is very insecure and always wants control. That was one of the reasons we didn’t get along. I thought I saw greatness in him but I totally misread that. In the 3 years, we were together that greatness never emerged. I lost myself in him and the things he wanted to do. I wanted him to succeed but I guess a little more than he did. The constant fighting took a toll on our relationship and eventually took a toll on my desire for my businesses. I had even contemplated going into business with this fool but God blocked it!!

I was so lost that I didn’t want to work on my businesses. All of my thoughts were consumed with him. He was so childish at times that I wasn’t sure when and what he was upset about. His inconsistent behavior always had me on guard and I started to not focus on myself. After our last breakup, I decided to no longer use that toxic relationship as an excuse for being stagnant. While he was playing “step & fetch” for the folks he worked for, pretending to be successful, I was over here just stuck, pining behind him and this toxic relationship we had.

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I had to let go and get unstuck! I had to recognize my own worth and get my own fire back. He may never reach the levels he desires however I can’t allow myself to stay in a place that isn’t productive for me. I decided no more would I allow anyone or anything to stop me from reaching my goals.

To get unstuck, I had to first let go. Yes, girl, we have to erase the text messages, delete their contact info and stop stalking their social media. In other words, totally eliminate them from your life. Secondly, remember your “why”. Most times that gets lost when you get involved with someone. Unless that person is fully secure with themselves and your goals are aligned, your “why” could get lost. You’ll find yourself not doing what you love trying to hold onto this relationship. Revisit your “why”. If it’s still the same good. Keep going. If not redefine it and get to work!! In both instances, make a solid realistic plan that you can work. Thirdly, get your fire back! Indulge in some self-care and just focus on you. Be selfish for a moment and think about what gets you excited about your goals and get back to it.

Being stuck is no fun especially when it’s due in part to being in a toxic relationship. That toxicity can cost you a lot including your sanity. No relationship is worth that price.

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