Stephanie Davis Stephanie Davis, M.Ed, LPC, CEO of Heartwork Trending Counseling & Consulting, PLLC., is a Youth and Young Adult Therapist, Mental Health Speaker, former School Counselor, and poet/author of Unmasked: The Journey and Its Lessons, Unmasked You Too: Collections of Introspections & an interactive journal, The Heartwork Journal
Stephanie is on the Detox Panel at the Get Me Paid Bootcamp being held in Houston, TX on Sept 17th. Stephanie will give us tips to help us move on from emotional wounds. She’s going to help us manage stress as it relates to running our blogs. I got a chance to chat with Stephanie about what she does and what she wants us to take away from Get Me Paid. Tickets are still available. Get yours at Get Me Paid BootCamp

LM: Tell us a little about yourself and what prompted you to become a therapist. 
SD: Before we start, I want to thank you for the opportunity. Professionally, I am an educator, author, self-care coach, mental health curator, content speaker, LPC, co-host of The Saturday Sound Off on, owner & CEO of Heartwork Trending Counseling & Consulting Services, PLLC. I specialize in counseling teens & young adults, coping through crisis & trauma, suicide risk & intervention/prevention, and other teen mental health concerns. My newest endeavor has been hosting community & one-on-one Self Care Sessions for women & business owners that need help re-arranging their plate of life to gain a healthy balance. Whew, yea, I do a lot in the same vein of work.  Personally, I am a single mother to a teenage daughter, the only child left (my brother passed away almost 2 years ago). I recently moved in with my mom & stepdad to help take care of them, so I am def all about the “self-care” life.   I became a therapist (well, all of these) because I wanted to change the view of guilt & shame that society places on individuals that seek therapy or express the need for help. There are still deep stigmas associated with seeking therapy, especially in the African American & Latino community. My goal is to provide mental health education & teach the real meaning of self-care & therapy as a preventative measure, and not force seeing a therapist as a last resort. On a personal note, I wanted to be to others what I needed along my life’s journey. I think about how much further or how many things that I could have avoided if I had have had someone to say, “Let’s figure this out together.”

LM: I was once told that unhealed emotional wounds will show up in your business. What’s your take on that?
SD: I totally agree with that statement. People say that we can separate personal from business, but there are overlying stressors that resurface if unchecked, & they will show up in the most inappropriate moments.  Recognizing & understanding our stressors is important to establishing self-control and boundaries. For example, yelling is huge trigger for me. It takes me back to being in an abusive relationship. That’s personal, but in my business, I may have clients that come in as “yellers”. Knowing my triggers helps me establish norms & coping strategies to handle situations that may incite anger or anxiety.

LM: How does pressure and stress from our business trigger those old emotional wounds?
SD: Being an entrepreneur can be the most rewarding, yet tumultuous event ever. You may experience anxiety, & depression that you may have never had. If you are coming into this new endeavor, with old emotional wounds, any pressure or stress will cause you to breakdown. Wounds don’t go away, but if cared, they heal properly.

LM: What do you want influencers and bloggers at Get Me Paid to walk away with?
SD: Remember, Be human. Part of being a strong person is knowing what you need to remain intact. Check-in with yourself. Often time, we ask others how they are doing, but how many times have we stopped, and asked ourselves, “How am I doing today? What do I need to be ok? To be at my best?”  That is why a self-care routine & a good therapist (or is crucial as an entrepreneur). Every great leader needs an even better team.

LM: How do we connect with you?
SD: I can be found at,
Instagram: HeartWorkTrending