Raymond Bell & Sparkle Anderson

LM: City and state
SA: Humble, Texas
LM: How long have you been together?
SA: 4 glorious years
LM: How did you meet?
SA: We met online.
LM: What attracted you to each other?
SA: Ray’s kindness was initially very attractive. On our first date, he opened doors and made sure I was comfortable. I was sold after that. He was attracted to my eyes. I do have awesome eyes, so, who can blame him. lol
LM: Who made the first move?
SA: I guess because we met online, we both made the first move!
LM: Name an obstacle that you all have endured/overcame? And how did you do it?
SA: Initially, I think we both struggled with living an hour away from each other. Ray is also a flight attendant, so, he is in and out of town quite a bit. It took some adjustment for me to understand that you can have a healthy, functioning relationship without seeing the person every day. In fact, now, after living together for two years, I get excited when he is away because I can sleep across the bed and I know that when he comes back home, I will be that much more appreciative of the time we have together.
LM: How did you know that person was the one?
SA: I knew that Ray was the one after dating him for a few months. He was the perfect balance to my crazy. He was a calming force when I needed it and a listening ear to match my continuous chatter.
LM: Any advice for other couples?
SA: I think it’s important to come into a relationship as two complete people. You can’t expect your significant other to “complete you.” That’s nonsense. No one can complete you. You have to already be complete and continue to focus on your own health and well-being which includes therapy if needed, physical fitness, outside interests and time with friends and family.