Shanika G. Born was born and raised in St. Louis MO. She is the owner of I Am Her Apparel, which is a ladies’ clothing and accessories. She has been in business for 3 years. I Am Her is an online-based business, but she is looking to expand to open up a small shop for her local customers to allow build more clientele and a relationship with her locals. Selling clothes and having a store has always been one of her dreams. Shanika feels that it’s not a hard business, but like anything else, there is a lot of competition. So you have to find ways to re-event yourself to stand out from what everyone else is doing. Shanika is also working on other business entries such as podcasting, adult toy line, helping her daughters become young entrepreneurs as well. Shanika love to help others figure out what they want to do in life, goals, and aspirations by giving them the tools and knowledge to get there. Shanika told us that stepping out to be self-employed was not easy. For most businesses, it will not automatically be a hit and successful. With persistence, patience, determination, and faith, she has no doubt she will get there real soon! She will not allow fear to get the best of her until she started to apply faith in everything she does.

LM: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
SG: I’m 37 married with 5 children

LM: Tell us about your business.
SG: I sell ladies clothing at an affordable price so that all women and young ladies could rock the latest trends

LM: What prompted you to start your business?
SG: I wanted to have a place where quality clothing was affordable. Not everyone can afford to shop at big retailers

LM: Have you always aspired to be an entrepreneur? Why or why not?
SG: Yes. I knew that I didn’t want to work for a company until retirement. I want to live now not when I retire.

LM: What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?
SG: Having flexibility, being my own boss, making the rules, and ultimately be an example to my daughters and other young ladies

LM: What’s the worst part of being an entrepreneur?
SG: Learning to be patient and trust the process.

LM: Who’s your inspiration? Why?
SG: My grandfather has always been my greatest inspiration. He has always pushed and taught me to do my best in everything I do and to never settle for less than great

LM: List some of your greatest achievements
SG: Learning to be an entrepreneur there is so many ways and businesses you can do

LM: Name a time when things didn’t go right. What happened and how did you get past it?
SG: When I decided to start “I Am Her” business was not coming like I thought it would. I was investing more than I was gaining. But, that goes back to patience, faith, and trusting the process and believing in what you doing.

LM: Where do you see your business in 3 years?
SG: Having my storefront and operating to where I can employ people

LM: What advice would you give a new entrepreneur?
SG: Believe in whatever it is your doing. Trust the process and walk in faith that it will be successful no if’s, and’s or buts.

You can connect with Shanika here: