Ramesh Dontha is a serial entrepreneur that has also worked for Fortune 100 companies in Senior management capacity in the US. Coming from a dusty, rural village in India, it was a dream come true for Ramesh but he lived the dream. He continues to live his dreams of writing, publishing, speaking, and just living a purposeful life. He writes extensively on entrepreneurship and also on technology topics like big data and data analytics.  
Ramesh struggled to get his ventures off the ground initially so he decided to make sure that other entrepreneurs didn’t have to go through those struggles. Thus creating his brand ‘The Agile Entrepreneur’. He passionately believes that people should start their business as soon as possible (instead of taking courses, writing business plans, etc.) and keep iterating until they get it right. He started a podcast ‘The Agile Entrepreneur Podcast’ in May 2019 and has already completed 25 episodes.
Ramesh is a man of many talents. He also has a book called ‘The 60 Minute Startup‘ coming out in October 2019.
**For my listeners, Ramesh has made a gracious offer. If you contact him and mention that you heard about his book on my podcast, he will send you a digital copy of his new book free of charge!**

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