As a business owner, your success is partially dependent on your ability to speak effectively in public. That’s a serious challenge for some people. 

Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most people have to learn how to do it well. In your quest to become a better public speaker, there are certain public speaking obstacles you’ll need to overcome.


It’s easier to speak effectively when your thoughts are organized. If your audience can’t follow what you’re trying to say because you’re jumping from topic to topic without any structure to it, you can’t communicate effectively. 

Organizing your thoughts on the fly is challenging. Give yourself a better chance of succeeding by taking the time to organize your thoughts before you speak. Create an organized outline that you can refer to when you need help staying on track.


Most people aren’t naturally comfortable speaking in front of lots of people. It’s normal to get nervous. For some, the obstacle is more than just basic nervousness though. Some people experience anxiety severe enough to trigger panic attacks at even the thought of public speaking. If you have severe anxiety about public speaking, finding ways to address your anxiety can make a world of difference. 

Breathing exercises can help you prevent panic attacks. Practice reframing your thoughts about public speaking as well. Instead of getting worked up because of nervous energy, try thinking about it as excited energy instead. The energy is the same, but giving it a different purpose can help you channel it productively.

Filler Words and Pacing Problems

Everyone has heard people who overuse filler words. “Um”, “ah”, “oh”, “uh”, and “er” are common examples. Filler words are commonly used to buy yourself time to think. While thinking before you speak is wise, using filler words to take up time makes you look less confident. Similarly, speaking too quickly makes it tough for your audience to keep up with what you’re saying. Eliminate filler words from your speech and practice your pacing. You’ll appear more confident, authoritative, and in control by doing so.

Public speaking is an essential skill for business owners. It’s how you build your network, recruit investors, and inspire your employees. If your public speaking skills are a little rusty, make refining them a priority. Identify what makes public speaking difficult for you and focus your efforts on those areas. Practice your skills so they’ll come naturally when you need them the most.

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