If you are launching a new business or product here are a few tips to help you prepare for it.

Start a countdown

• Get your audience excited about your launch by having a countdown. Place one on your website and if you send out any promotional marketing materials place one there too.

Create videos

• Create funny or informative videos regarding your launch. Tell your audience a little about your product and how they can obtain it. Get creative with your marketing and have fun posting videos about your upcoming business or product.

Share sneak peeks

• Do behind the scene videos or informative posts with pics about your upcoming launch. Everyone likes to get in on sneak peeks and it will get your audience even more excited.

Establish a launch team

• Having a team of people who know how to market and get exposure for your upcoming launch is a great idea. The key players you should have are a social media manager for posting content, someone to create your marketing content such as in print or online graphics and a team of people who help you disseminate the information. It doesn’t have to be a lot of people; at the minimum 4 people.

Do pre-orders

• If you are launching a product, then do pre-orders for it. Make sure your graphics are done and you are able to share what it looks. Offer a special price for a limited time to those who pre-order and maybe throw in some bonuses for those who do so.

Have a launch party

• Whether it’s a product or service, having a launch party helps you gain exposure. I would suggest hiring a planner for this as well as incorporate your launch team. You can make it as simple or lavish as you would like. Have a limited about of your product on hand for your event. Then do special orders for anyone else that wants to purchase. Create the urgency and exclusivity of getting your product first. If it’s a service, have a special rate for those who sign up at the launch