Patrice Rivers

Patrice Rivers is a woman of many talents. She is the author of several books, with her just releasing her current one just being released in July. Patrice says writing is her first love and it shows in all her great work. She started writing at age 9 and her love for it has grown.

She’s also the owner of BlaQ Stardom magazine, where I’ve had the pleasure of writing an article. The is an amazing online magazine the showcases and talks about African Americans. I love it because she’s about us and for us! It’s truly a publication that embraces all things black.

Patrice offers writing services such as press releases, writing bios, newsletters, cover letters, etc. Her passion for writing has led her to create a platform to bring exposure to others. Her goal is to help other brands get the exposure they want. Be sure to tune in to our convo at


You can connect with Patrice here:
IG: That Riverz Gurl Brand
IG: BlaQ Stardom Magazine
Patrice Rivers
BlaQ Stardom Magazine

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